"VANISHED Left Behind: Next Generation is so real. I felt like The Rapture was actually happening as I watched the film. I believe God is going to use this film as a powerful outreach to awaken this generation to the reality of our Lord's promised return. Every Youth Pastor in America should bring their youth groups to see this film!"
Dr. Tony Evans, Pastor for Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship & President, The Urban Alternative
"VANISHED | Left Behind: Next Generation is an over-the-top hit in my book! With the popularity of post-apocalyptic stories from Twilight to The Hunger Games, VANISHED | Left Behind: Next Generation is a perfect fit for the young adult crowd. The cast is terrific and storyline is riveting!"
Dick Rolfe, Founder of The Dove Foundation
"This end times movie is an entertaining adventure that keeps viewers gripped in its fast pace, start to finish!"
AFA (American Family Association)
"VANISHED is honestly one of my favorite movies. At first I didn't think I would like it at all because normally Christian movies aren't all that awesome, but within the first few minutes I was hooked. I love the love triangle and I can't wait until the next one!"
Kennedy (15 year old girl – big fan of Hunger Games and Twilight)
"I got to watch a night of filming for this movie in person and had chills. Seeing it all come together was even more incredible. Y'all NEED to go see VANISHED!"
Tae Dye, part of country music duo Maddie and Tae ("Girl in a Country Song")
"VANISHED has all the aspects of a great movie; suspense, romance & action. It has a very important message & amazing acting by all the leads."
Saxon Sharbino – Actress (Poltergeist, Love, Touch)
"In our world of uncertainty and fear, many people are searching for hope. VANISHED turns our attention to the eternal and begins the conversation around Christ and his provision of hope for the world. It is a great jumping off point for your family, especially your teenagers, into a discussion about things that will matter forever. It resonates with teens and tweens, even my own, as it looks and sounds like much of what they watch in theaters and on tv, but gave us great conversation about faith, the afterlife, and Jesus. Don't miss out on a great opportunity for impact in the life of your students!"
John King,Pastor for Family Ministries, Calvary Community Church, Westlake Village, CA
"Teens will feel the suspense in VANISHED. VANISHED a mix between Twilight and faith that teens will really enjoy!"
Evy Baehr, Content Manager & Host of Movieguide TV
"Finally there is a movie on Left Behind that captures what made the books so successful."
Dr. Tim LaHaye, Creator & Co-Author: Left Behind
"VANISHED is an amazing apocalyptic movie with a great plot! My family can't wait for the next one."
Brett Seals, Pastor & NY State Director for Church of God
"Just saw VANISHED and it was epic! Definitely gets you thinking! Imagine if the apocalypse happened today… Everyone go see it!"
Wesley Stromberg, Lead singer for the band Emblem3
"Everyone in Hollywood is trying to reach both the values audience and the coveted Millennial moviegoer, VANISHED does both with one brilliant stroke. It’s fresh, compelling, and will keep you on the edge of your seat."
Matthew Faraci, Inspire Buzz